“Urgent…you can’t turn away…thoughtfully capturing serious
dynamics of the human condition.” 
                            - Eckerd College, Student Review

“Remarkable. “today” is an unavoidable emotional tour-de–force.
Turning inside out the intimate spaces shared between a psychologist and his patient’s, “today” leaves the voyeur saturated, drained from his spoils.” 
                            - David Weiss, Publisher, Rise Magazine

“Truthful. Genuine. Honest.” “Intriguing.” “Unique.”
“MADE me look at myself – my most personal thoughts and feelings.”
“Inspirational.” “Still trying to understand the meanings.” “Real, Wow.”  “I have to be more accepting.” “Intense.” “Left me thinking about my Mom, my Dad, and how I love.” 
                            - Selected post-show audience reviews

"I think that it brings life into the bubble of college."
                           - Amanda McKlevey, College Student Actor  
"Part of the whole process of the play was this feedback that
allowed a community to be built…and they (students) became more aware of ideas about their own questions about life."
                            - Cynthia Totten, Ph.D., Professor of Theater

"It ("today") has a real flavor of being on the edge that I think people
feel in their lives."
                            - Marti Newbold, Dean of Students

"It`s like meeting a person randomly on the street, striking up a conversation, and suddenly you are best friends. You don`t know how it happens it just did…it was just startling that a ghost, somebody I`ve never met, could be so close to me in such a short instant. There were so many things to connect with. Problems that we`ve been dealing with, problems that we can`t cope with alone, could bring us together in friendship…Sean, we`ll call him a guiding light"
                            - John Dolan, College Student Actor

"We had people from all walks of life, different majors, different
ethnicities…really brings a sense of community to a school."
                            - Marissa Minor, College Student, Director

"The nice thing about the show is that it is complete technically so
that everything happens in this one solid space…it can stand on its
own on one stage."
                            - Jessica Greene, Assistant Professor of Design

"Really, really powerful, so be prepared to think afterwards…there are issues that you probably never think about in daily life…after the show you will...I think the overall message of the "today" show is that…you are not the only one with trouble, you are not alone."
                            - Naoki Tanaka, College Student