Welcome to TodayCollegeTour.org, a non-profit organization providing cutting-edge professional programming targeting the preemption of preventable tragedy on campuses nationwide. Today College Tour is an innovative, proven vehicle for interacting with and educating students and extended communities about mental health issues and their potential impact on college campuses. We are pleased to introduce ourselves by way of our `Today Trailer` followed by our `Video Introduction`. Both videos can be accessed from the links located at the top right of this home page. However, before you view the trailer video, allow us to provide you with some background information.


Grounded in clinical, counseling, developmental and social psychology, and developed by distinguished university mental health and higher education professionals, Today College Tour is designed to spark debate about a range of life-critical issues that can tend to lie dormant; and therefore, unaddressed in college communities.


Today College Tour maximizes peer education online through our peer collaboration software, to promote honest and open dialogue by engaging students where they are and in a language they can relate to. Our ongoing programming presence on campus stimulates increased and sustained levels of empathy across the community. Finally, to most effectively reach students, our on-campus programming typically culminates in performances of our acclaimed touring stage theatre production, “today,” which is cast with students who are enrolled in each college we visit. By cultivating empathic growth and awareness through a range of programming initiatives Today College Tour proactively addresses many of the evolving challenges that college communities face.

Please take a moment to learn more about how to increase your campus community’s awareness of issues that can escalate into tragedy and how our process can work for your campus. If you find that you are interested in gathering further information or speaking to us about the possibility of bringing Today College Tour to your campus, Contact Us to receive a complimentary copy of our Introductory Packet and free DVD to share with your colleagues.


We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Warm regards,

Today College Tour Team

Dr. Sean Sullivan

Executive Director

Today College Tour